An Edgeware fork with a different distribution

Straightedge is a zero-day fork of the Edgeware blockchain supporting the vision of a self-improving smart contract blockchain.

The fork launched with the same software and refined genesis token distribution, aiming to meaningfully involve a permissionless and distributed set of participants.

Straightedge launched concurrently with Edgeware on 15 Sep 2019, with equivalent features and different genesis token distribution.

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Genesis Token Distribution

Only signals from wallets received STR

We believe that only allowing signals from wallets (not from contracts) reduces edge cases and results in a distribution more likely to engage a diverse set of individuals, instead of institutions or groups.

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Locks must have actually locked ETH to receive STR

The distribution for locks was solely based on ETH locked via Edgeware's lockdrop contract. There was and is no opportunity to appeal, making the distribution fully transparent and algorithmic.

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STR for signals available at launch

In order to avoid creating different classes of users, funds allocated based on signals are available to users from network launch - the same as for funds allocated based on locks.

Driven by the community from the start

Straightedge was launched by individuals from communities across the Blockchain space. We believe that empowering the community to drive the governance from the outset is crucial to engagement.

Get Involved

You were automatically included in the Straightedge genesis distribution if you locked or signalled from a wallet address in Edgeware's lockdrop.

If you would like to learn how to become a validator as part of launching Straightedge, join the project's #validators channel on Discord.

Ask questions and talk to other community members in the #general chat channel on the Straightedge Discord Server

To find out more about the motivation behind Straightedge, read the launch blog post: Straightedge is here..

Straightedge Launch Community

Straightedge was launched by a community of individuals from a variety of blockchain projects, who believe in the Edgeware vision and want to see it succeed.
Sunny Aggarwal
Engineer and Social Scientist
Chris Hobcroft
Tech Explorer
Julien Bouteloup
Engineer & Tech Adventurer
Moose Caboose (Incognito)
Opinionated Troll
Alice DeWonderland (Incognito)
Social Strategist