An ethical fork of Edgeware

Straightedge is a zero-day fork of the Edgeware blockchain built by Commonwealth Labs.

We believe in the vision of Edgeware but believe that the initial distribution design of EDGE tokens contains edge cases that decrease the legitimacy of the entire project.

We are planning to launch Straightedge on the 15th of September, concurrently with the launch of Edgeware, as a zero-day fork, with the same feature set, improved distribution designs, and more.

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Proposed Changes

Remove Signalling on Behalf of Contracts

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No Option for Generalized Locking Mechanism

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Signalled Tokens Available Immediately

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More Participatory and User-driven Governance

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Getting Involved

We will be releasing public community channels for Straightedge soon. Until then, please participate in the Edgeware lockdrop (using an actual lock or signal from a public key account!).

Please also take a look at the FAQ and feel free to Get in Touch with us if you're interested in helping out!

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Straightedge Team

Straightedge is a project created by an experienced team of individuals from a variety of leading blockchain projects who believe in the Edgeware vision and want to see it succeed in a fair and non-gameable environment.
Sunny Aggarwal
A Dude
Sketchy Pebbles
God Coder
Moose Caboose
Strategic Mastermind
Alice DeWonderland
Social Guru